Wedding Ceremonies In My Home 

Looking for a location to have a small, private, simple, and/or inexpensive wedding ceremony? Is a wedding chapel not in your budget? Are you thinking about eloping? Avoid the courthouse and consider coming to my home.
I perform wedding ceremonies in my Canton, Ohio home seven days a week, all hours. Same day or by appointment.
Couples travel to me from near and far to get married: Canton, Akron, and Cleveland, Ohio as well as out of state! :)
Even though you are coming to my location, you still get married under the wedding arch and it makes a really pretty picture to preserve the memories of your special day (Pictures of my home setting are shown below).

The fees for wedding ceremonies in my home are as follows:

Seven days a week, all hours...$150!
Fees are cash only, payable in full, day of ceremony. Tips are not necessary but are always appreciated :)

Number of guests in my home is limited to 6:
Unfortunately, there is no exception to the maximum number of guests. I simply cannot accommodate more than that in my little living room :) Remember, I will happily travel to a location of your choice to perform ceremony...And then you may invite as many guests as you wish :) 

Parking Rules:
Bride, groom, and any guests must agree to carpool, and travel to my home, in only 1 to 3 vehicles, and park in my driveway.
I am very considerate and respectful of my neighbors. I perform many wedding ceremonies every week in my home. It is for this reason that I do not allow vehicles to park on the street. 
If you feel that it will be too difficult to bring only 1 to 3 vehicles, remember that I can always travel to a location that you choose for ceremony, and then there are no restrictions whatsoever :)


Below is a small sample of couples who have chosen to come to my home for their ceremony.

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Wedding Ceremonies by 
Rev. Lynn Bressi
938 Netherwood Ave. NW
Canton, Ohio 44708
Text me :) 330-949-4626


Below are a few pictures of how it is set up in my home for marriage ceremonies.