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Sign and Drive Marriage

Do you want to get married but do not want to have a ceremony?

Have you ever thought how special and memorable it would be to have a friend or family member officiate your wedding ceremony?

Are you thinking these two scenarios aren't possible? They are! 

Signing of documents only, without ceremony

It is important to remember that you do not have to have a ceremony in order to get married. There are many couples who choose to only have their legal documents signed to make their marriage legal, without any ceremony whatsoever.  Couples choose this option for a variety of reasons:

1. Perhaps a couple is having a larger ceremony later on, but they need or want to make their marriage legal sooner for health insurance purposes, or another reason. So, they come to my home and have me only sign their marriage license. This way, they can save the actual ceremony for later and keep it special for that day. 

2. Another example are couples that have been together many years and already feel like they are married. They want something quick and to the point just to make it legal.

3. Some couples have a lot of anxiety and it is much more comfortable for them to only have the paperwork signed.

4. Privacy....Plain and simple. Some couples choose a Sign and Drive to keep their marriage as private as possible. 

5.  Insert your reason here  :) 

If you choose to only have your paperwork signed, your marriage is just as legal as if you had had a wedding ceremony with 200 guests. You are still legally married.


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Having a friend or family member officiate ceremony

Some couples enjoy having a friend or family member officiate their wedding ceremony. They find that they are more comfortable having someone they know perform their ceremony. They may feel this personalizes ceremony and makes it extra special.  

In order for your marriage to be legal in the state of Ohio, the individual who officiates your ceremony must not only be ordained, but they must be licensed in Ohio through the Secretary of the State of Ohio.

Most friends and family members are neither ordained or licensed. So, couples who choose this option may come to my home day of ceremony, or any day they wish, have their legal documents signed, which makes their marriage legal, and then they may have whomever they wish perform their marriage ceremony on their special day.


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Sign and Drive $100 Special!!!!

If you are looking for the ultimate in convenience, the Sign and Drive $100 Special is for you!

This is the quickest, most comfortable, stress free option to get married. 

How it works:

                        1. You drive to my home with your marriage license.                                        Please remain in your vehicle. 

                        2. I come out to your vehicle and sign your documents,                                  making your marriage legal. There is no ceremony and                              no exchange of vows or rings. 


                        3. You drive off in to the sunset to begin your 

                            Happily Ever After!

No muss, no fuss, no hassle! 

You never leave your car, come as you are! 

The Sign and Drive is offered 365 days a year!!!! In rain or very cold weather, I will gather your documents from you and sign them in the warmth of my home, while you stay dry and warm in your vehicle. 

*Just ask for the Sign and Drive $100 Special when you call, text, or email!