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Below is a small sample of couples who have chosen away locations for their marriage ceremonies.

Wedding Ceremonies At Your Location
It is always an honor and a privilege to officiate my couples' wedding ceremonies at an Ohio location of their choosing.
I proudly officiate wedding ceremonies in Northeast Ohio, including Canton, Akron, Cleveland, and surrounding areas.
My fee to travel to the Canton/Massillon area is $150, seven days a week all hours. Other areas of Stark County will be more, due to the time and distance involved.
My fee to travel outside of Stark County starts at $200, but can go up depending on the distance I travel. Please contact me for an exact fee depending on location.

Wedding Rehearsals
My fee to attend a wedding rehearsal is the same as ceremony. For example, if ceremony fee is $150 then rehearsal fee is $150. However, having said that, my appearance at rehearsal is not mandatory. Many couples choose to save their money and have me come out for ceremony only. This is perfectly acceptable as long as you, or someone you know, feels comfortable coordinating processional and recessional. You simply need to practice the wedding party walking up and taking their places and then walking off after ceremony. Once you're up in front of me, you will not leave my side. I will walk and talk you through the entire ceremony. 
In addition, as we get closer to ceremony, we can schedule an over-the-phone meeting to discuss all details of ceremony.  During our phone conversation, I can answer any questions you may have, so that you will feel comfortable with rehearsal and ceremony.

Friendly fee reminder :)
Also note that fees are cash only and payable in full day of ceremony. There is nothing due upfront, no down payment, etc.
Lastly, remember that tips are not necessary but are always appreciated :)


Wedding Ceremonies by 
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